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Testimotials about best Windows startup software

I think it is a great program, however, I used it only one hour when a piece of adware screwed up my system clock and locked up my entire system.


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Download startup manager for Windows

Download Absolute StartUp manager to optimize your startup configuration, using our online database of startup programs.

More of the benefits from downloading Absolute StartUp manager:

  • Gives you the full control over the Windows startup configuration.
  • Removes harmful programs and viruses from Windows startup.
  • Speeds bootup of your computer and improves system performance.
  • Shows all startup programs, with additional information and recommendations on whether they're necessary or not. Helps to manage startup items!
  • And much more - download and try!

You can download Absolute StartUp manager and use fully functional trial version for 21 days.

It's the best way to optimize the startup configuration. And it's free!

Download Absolute StartUp 6.0

Version: 6.0
Date: 02/12/2007
Download startup manager for Windows Me/2000/XP.
Download startup manager Download now
(exe - 2 222 Kb)

Download Absolute StartUp manager related.

Language package for Absolute StartUp 6.0
Languages: English, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Polish.
Download language files for startup manager Download now
(zip - 21 Kb)

Dangerous programs database
Version: 25
Date: 02/21/2007
Programs: 17265
Dangerous programs database for Absolute StartUp.

Download programs database for Absolute Startup manager Download now
(zip - 222 Kb)

Download programs database for Absolute Startup manager Download now
(txt - 873 Kb)

F-Group CD has all startup manager downloads You may also obtain all download files on CD! To get the CD, you must register Absolute StartUp and select the "CD on Demand" checkbox. The CD will be delivered in 3 business days (outside the US and Canada may take longer).

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