Absolute StartUp has a number of options and settings to give user more flexibility in customization and usage of Absolute StartUp.

Language options page

Language options allow:

You can get free registration for new localization package - please, contact us before translation.

You can translate Absolute StartUp interface into your native language - inspect folder Absolute StartUp/Language - you have to create new file (copy English.lng file into Your_Language.lng file and add 16x16 flag to display your country flag in combobox with similar name). Translate all items in Your_Language.lng file (it is ini-file) and you can edit it with any text editor. To test Your_Language.lng file place it into Absolute StartUp/Language folder and change with Options\Language\Select language edit.
After that you can send it to us and we will add new localization (your name will be displayed as hint in language combobox) into setup package.

You can find more information about each option at correspondent help pages.
In any case you can contact support team to find out meaning of options or get advice, if you have a problem.

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