Absolute StartUp manager provides basic actions with startup items: view, add, edit, delete and advanced action: save in recycle bin, backup and export startup configuration into *.reg and *.bat files, startup schedule and startup conditions for programs, tracking startup changes with monitor.

All startup sections are displayed in the tree structure All startup categories are displayed in the tree structure. To display certain startup section select it in the tree. To display all startup items select "All programs" item. About all startup sections you can get quick help with panel above the program's list to select right section.

About schedule section read more here.

Absolute StartUp provides suitable interface to add new item - you can select title, application and startup section with new item dialog.
To add new item to schedule you have to add simple new item and activate schedule after it.

For temporary cancel item in startup it is suitable to use Enable/Disabled flag - you can check it in properties panel or in box in the list. Disabled state is displayed with image in item's line in the list

You can delete item from startup list - use popup menu or Del button.

With Absolute StartUp you can launch or terminate applications. Started state is displayed with box in startup list with image. Running state of program is refreshed automatically - you can select interval and cancel it with options.

You can inspect program you have selected: Use
  • Open program folder to navigate to program's folder and investigate other programs in it.
  • Open program source to get information why this program is in startup. Absolute StartUp navigates you to registry or startup folder and selected correspondent record.
  • Ask Google to get information about current program from the web - check, if it is necessary application or harmful.
  • Review program's properties Absolute StartUp provides you with information about startup record and file info of selected program.
To review properties of selected item use double click on the item.

After edition you can set Options\Freeze startup configuration to prevent changes in startup by other programs. Also it is possible to edit startup list with clipboard operations: copying, cutting and pasting.

Note: Add items and paste from clipboard functions are canceled in unregistered version

Note: "Read only" items in startup folders are protected - set "read only" to protect shortcut or file from edit. You only can delete these files as other documents or web pages in startup folders.

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