Absolute StartUp manager - tips&tricks:

  1. What for do I need startup manager?
    You have a lot of programs in Windows startup and you should have a possibility to control them: to add new programs, delete old or unnecessary programs etc. The best way to have utility to control all startup programs in one place is not to search throw registry and startup folders.

  2. Why Absolute StartUp?
    Because Absolute Startup is the best from startup managers: it has the richest number of functions and stay in constant development to add new suitable functions.

  3. What more has Absolute Startup than another startup managers?
    Absolute StartUp has basic set of functions: to add, edit, delete, enable, disable etc and extended sets: recycle bin, backup, schedule, conditions to start programs, access to other users startup configuration in Windows 2000/XP, clipboard support.
    Now Absolute StartUp is more than original startup manager for Windows - it is a center where all programs are located and you can start and stop them, create startup schedule and automate all auto started programs.

  4. I need more!
    Do you have any new ideas about Absolute StartUp or suitable functions for you? It's easy to get more - contact support and tell us about them. We will add your proposition to todo list and you will get this feature in the next release - you will get your function to work in Absolute StartUp!

  5. Which Windows versions are supported by Absolute Startup?
    Absolute Startup supports Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP.
    Due to logon user rights different startup configurations will be accessible - Administrator will be able to edit all users' startup configurations, restricted user can edit only its own startup configuration.

  6. First start - recommendations.
    At first start of Absolute Startup it is recommended to create initial backup configuration.
    After it we recommend to inspect all startup programs and delete unnecessary programs.
    Next you can inspect new schedule feature and add programs into new startup sections.
    Next starts you will control all startup items and edit them due to your new demands - Absolute Startup will be your buddy in all startup questions.

  7. Unregistered limitations.
    Absolute StartUp is a shareware product and has limitation in trial version: To remove limitations you need to register Absolute StartUp.

  8. Schedule feature problems.
    Application with activate schedule mode is deleted from correspondent windows startup section and startup by Absolute StartUp monitor - its tiny agent, who starts with Windows and executes all routine. Thus, during edit applications with Absolute StartUp, you have to keep it switched on to get all advantages of schedule feature.
    If some other problems with schedule appear, contact us

  9. Clipboard support hints.
    Original clipboard hotkey is supported: ctrl+x, ctrl+c, ctrl+x. Other hotkeys: ctrl+Ins, shift+Del, shift+Ins are not supported because they are required for other actions.
    To execute clipboard one you have to select section in tree and select one item in the program list.

  10. Access to other users in the system.
    This feature is supported in Windows 2000/XP only.
    Number of user accounts, which display, depends on logoned user rights - Administrator will be able to edit any user's startup configuration and default user configuration.

  11. "Read only" items in startup folders are protected - you cannot edit them - only delete - thus you can protect some shorcuts in startup folder when set them read only mode.

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