Absolute StartUp - Windows startup manager for absolute programs control!

Startup manager for Windows plus a program scheduler with internet event settings and the fully controlled startup. It is a powerful startup manager for the absolute control over Windows startups! Absolute startup manager helps you to manage all the windows startup programs. You can view, add, remove, disable and monitor the original Windows startup programs along with the advanced startup settings: the start of programs on certain days, at a certain time, after a certain program, with a delay, even after a dialup Internet connection was established. You can control all startups by holding down only one key!

With Absolute StartUp manager you get the absolute control over all auto startup programs!

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Internet Image Browser - best picture download manager with image browser!

The best picture download manager for downloading pictures, photos and clipart! Internet Image Browser is a picture download manager that helps you to create and organize your image collections quite easily.

This picture download manager has a smart algorithm for finding and downloading pictures from the web automatically. Download pictures and photos using this download manager and save your time!

Internet Image Browser has a powerful built-in thumbnail image viewer that you can use to create and enjoy your image collections.

A Picture download manager with a powerful image browser is the best choice for creating image collections!

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IEManager - make your surfing more pleasant!

IEManager tool manages links(URL or emails) you visit most often and places them in tray to start any link with one click! IEManager tool contains a vast number of useful tips and tricks to manage Internet Explorer's windows when surfing in Internet.

With IEManager tool you will be able to: manage links you use most often (recover from Internet Explorer); quick start with any links (URL or email) you choose from tray, traces clipboard in order to start new Internet Explorer with clipboard link (just double click on tray icon), set maximum number of Internet Explorer windows to work with, kill unwanted pop-ups for internet explorer, get the best search results from the best search engines, manage proxy settings easy and much more...

IEManager helps you to find more useful features when surfing!

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IECount - count IE to surf easy!

IECount is a set of internet explorer's tips and tricks - find out trick for you and surf with pleasure! With IECount tool you will be able to:
  • Set the maximal number of IE windows to work with,
  • Kill unwanted pop-up windows for internet explorer,
  • Traces clipboard in order to start new windows with clipboard link
    (just double click on tray icon),
  • Get the search results from the best search engines Google, Yahoo,
  • Manage proxy settings with a number of useful tricks
    (including awesome proxy automatic change feature),
  • and much more...

With IECount you can control all IE and its properties easy!

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AutoMixer to improve sound output for you!

The program AutoMixer is intended for automatic control of volume level.
This program can be used for listening to MP3-music, radio of viewing TV or playing games. The flexible tuning will give you a possibility of effective use by the program in all cases.

As the program works with standard mixers means and does not use any additional drivers, it can work only with those sound cards, which have sound level indicator in mixer structure (for example, SB Live! Value).

AutoMixer will control and adjust sound level automatically!

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MClipboard manager - the quickest and easiest Windows clipboard manager!

MClipboard manager allows you to operate with 10 windows clipboards with one shortcut or mouse click - the quickest windows clipboard manager! MClipboard manager gives you 10 windows clipboards so that you can simultaneously copy, cut or paste 10 different data segments (images, words, etc.).
This application is an ideal aid to those who work with word processors, do a lot of programming or use databases and often use windows clipboard - don't type similar words again and again - just paste it from clipboards!

MClipboard manager - the quickest Windows clipboard manager!

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Tray Safe password manager - safest place to keep your usernames and passwords!

Tray Safe password manager is the safest password manager for your usernames, passwords and other confidential information! Tray Safe password manager is the safest password manager to keep your passwords, usernames, credit card numbers and other confidential information.

Tray Safe password manager provides you with a user-friendly password manager interface, powerful encryption and easy password insertion technology.

The combination of the absolute protection by a powerful encryption algorithm together with the instantaneous access to the necessary data makes this password manager a must-have PC tool

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