Startup folders:

Use explorer.exe to edit these categories.

With Windows 95/98 you can inspect startup folders at these locations (by default):

%windows directory%\All Users\Main menu\Programs\StartUp\ - for all users

%windows directory%\Main menu\Programs\StartUp\ - for current user

With Windows NT/2000/XP:
\\Documents and Settings\Admin\Start Menu\Programs\Startup\ - for current user

\\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\Startup\ for all users

These are default locations - at your system configuration they may differ.
Applications use these folders to start its launchers and tool bars with Windows

All these startup folders are supported by Absolute StartUp. Also it adds advanced condition for every auto started program - on certain days, at a certain time, with a delay or after Internet connection. To read more refer to Schedule Help section

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