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Startup Manager: Easy Fine-Tuning of Your Windows Startup

You’re anxious to get to work, but find yourself waiting and waiting through all the programs that run automatically when you start up your computer. What can you do? It’s way too much trouble to sort through the configuration options of all your programs just to turn off the “essential assistants” that run at Windows startup. But now you’ve got a way out! The Absolute StartUp manager Absolute StartUp developed by F-Group Software F-Group Software. will help you solve the puzzle. This program will configure and optimize your startup options with a single mouse click – using its collected knowledge database. Absolute StartUp will help you determine what’s essential, what can be turned off and what things are dangerous and should be removed from the startup immediately.

Absolute StartUp is designed to meet the needs of the average user. While the user can watch as the programs run at Windows startup, get a list of them by running the system utility called “msconfig” or view the folders and registry keys manually, he or she is left asking, “Which of these programs do I need?” That’s what Absolute StartUp is made for. Its built-in knowledge database contains information about all the common programs that start up with Windows.

Information for the database is constantly being contributed by our customers. After advanced users of Absolute StartUp use it to remove or turn off the startup of unnecessary programs, they have the option of sending their list to the program developers.

After the lists are analyzed, the information is added to the knowledge database, to assist other users in configuring their startup options.

The database is available on the Internet at You can manually check programs in this database to find out why they start with Windows. But it’s much more convenient to edit the startup options directly using the program. A free trial version can be downloaded from

Users can search or edit the information about programs using the built-in database editor. Each program in the database has a link to detailed information about the program or the developer web site.

The knowledge database of programs starting with Windows

The knowledge database of programs starting with Windows

The knowledge database is constantly being expanded and improved. The newest version can always be downloaded from the developer web site with a single click.

Using the database’s collected knowledge, Absolute StartUp can easily optimize startup routines and decrease the time it takes for Windows to load (especially useful for notebook owners). It only takes a minute – just run Absolute StartUp, review and agree with the optimized version of your startup configuration – that’s it! :)

Main window

Absolute StartUp compares your list of startup programs with its database and determines which are “Dangerous,” which are “Not necessary,” and which can be “Your choice”. Then, it removes the “Dangerous” programs, turns off those “Not necessary” and let the user choose what to do with the rest.

The user also can override the program’s choice of actions for any of the programs.

Autostartup Optimization Master

Autostartup Optimization Master

This optimization tool can be launched from the main menu: File/Optimize startup.
But what do you do if a program you need is designated as “Not necessary” or worse, as “Dangerous?” You simply launch the database editor, find your program and change its status. With a large number of programs that use the same parameters, it is possible for a harmless program to be assigned the “Dangerous” status.

Editing the program status in the database

Editing the program status in the database

There are even more enhancements. Absolute StartUp allows you to configure startup options for each of your programs – it adds new configuration options for them. Beyond just launching programs along with Windows, you can schedule program starts, launch several programs at once, or require the Internet connection to be present to start the program as well as designate hot keys to launch specific applications.

These options are accessible by activating the “Schedule” function and specifying the set of rules for the program startup.

Additional options for the programs that start with Windows

Additional options for the programs that start with Windows

Using this tool, you can flexibly configure the startup operation and always have an optimal set of programs loaded for the tasks at hand.

For example, on weekends, you may not want to clutter up the computer’s memory with a compiler or accounting program you won’t use if you’re listening to the music or watching films. So you can make a launch profile and assign rules for the programs you don’t want to start on weekends: You’ll be able to create two startup configurations, one (for work) that will be launched if you don’t hold the ALT key at startup and the second one (for weekends) will be launched only if you hold the ALT key during startup.

You can also configure the order in which programs start, gradually increasing the delay before the next one is launched to allow the programs to run without consuming all system resources. The professional version offers an even more convenient way to do this.

Absolute StartUp also provides a convenient way to create startup queues. You just drag the program from one list to another in the order to be used during startup and specify the delay. Now other programs will not interfere with the antivirus startup, which will reduce the startup time.

Creating startup queue

Creating startup queue

Finally, once you have optimally configured your startup and you don’t want other programs to change it, you can lock it down by using the “Lock startup” option or selecting the “Lock reboot on registry change” and “Compare configuration with the previous session” to make sure no programs get added to your startup list without your knowledge.

Absolute StartUp configuration options

Absolute StartUp configuration options

Absolute StartUp also allows you to save and load its data. You can always save your current startup configuration and restore it from a saved copy. The export file is created in a format independent of Absolute StartUp so you will be able to restore startup data even without Absolute StartUp installed.

The recycle bin for deleted programs
The recycle bin for deleted programs

The program uses the recycle bin to store all deleted items so you can recover programs that have been removed from the startup.

The program’s simple and easy-to-use interface and the thorough help system will help inexperienced users gain an understanding of all the functionality. And you can also contact the program developers with your questions and receive full or step-by-step instructions, if needed.


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