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Absolute StartUp history

Absolute StartUp 5.1 - official release.

  • The database update upto 7500+ items.
  • Interface improved.
  • Language files updated.
  • Some bugs fixed.

Absolute StartUp 5.0 - official release.

  • The list of Internet Explorer BHOs, toolbars, dlls and menu extensions added.
  • The database update upto 7000 items.
  • Interface improved.
  • The license has been changed for new customers.
  • Bugs fixed.

Absolute StartUp 4.2 - official release.

  • Programs sequence added.
  • StartUp monitor improved with "allow" and "forbid" button for new startup items.
  • Installer updated and improved.
  • French translation added.
  • Online database improved.
  • Bugs fixed.

Absolute StartUp 4.1 - official release.

  • Show hidden files in startup folders option added.
  • Use database options added.
  • Main table view redesigned.
  • Information about program extracted and displayed.
  • Online database added.
  • New format for program database designed.
  • Improvements added to optimize startup automatically more precisely.
  • Bugs fixed.

Absolute StartUp 4.0 - official release.

  • site opened.
  • Viruses and spyware detector added.
  • Update program database from web was added.
  • Get info about program from Internet function was added.
  • Freeze startup configuration was added.
  • Create link at desktop function was added.
  • Publishing the list of startup program into html list is added.
  • Popupmenu in the tree added.
  • Clear all, clear section function was added.
  • Warning "File does not exist" was added.
  • Description of startup registry items were added.
  • Flag "hide start" for all scheduled programs was added.
  • Displaying of new programs in list was added.
  • Edition config.nt, autoexec.nt, winstart.bat added.
  • Interface was improved for newbies.
  • Help system was improved for newbies.
  • Small bugs were fixed.

Absolute StartUp 3.0 - official release.

  • Other system users startup configuration is accessible to edit.
  • Backup was added.
  • Export into system *.reg and *.bat file was added to restore configuration easily without any startup managers.
  • Clipboard support was added.
  • New program's properties panel was designed.
  • New condition was added - delay for all scheduled programs.
  • Monitor form appearance was improved.
  • Monitor detection changes in startup from previous Windows session were added.
  • Edit autoexec.bat and config.sys files in Windows 95/98 with notepad was added.
  • Browse startup folder feature was added.
  • Option for monitor startup location was added (HKEY_CURRENT_USER).
  • Option panel interface was improved .
  • Content hints for all items in options were added .
  • Absolute StartUp support system was improved.
  • Help system was improved for newbies.
  • Access denied bugs were disabled.
  • Small bugs were fixed.

Absolute StartUp 2.2 - official release.

  • It's allowed to enable/disable programs by one click.
  • Active tree items were added - empty items are grayed.
  • Interface design was improved.
  • Main table header captions bug was fixed.
  • Option "cancel monitor RunOnce sections" was added.
  • Protection from deletion all programs be duplicates.
  • "Icon path" was deleted from duplicates' options.
  • Absolute StartUp site license was added .
  • Protection system was improved for computer registration.

Absolute StartUp 2.1 - official release.

  • Recycle bin bugs were fixed.
  • Recycle bin was improved in trial version.
  • Monitor detects multi registry changes.
  • Monitor detects adding, deleting and content changes.
  • Recycle bin enhanced - singular items, restore, clear function.
  • Help system updated.
  • Few small bugs fixed.

Absolute StartUp 2.0 - official release.

  • Registration scheme was simplyfied and cryptography protection was implemented.
  • New glyphs - XP style.
  • Controlled StartUp feature was added.
  • Monitor detection was improved - now it also tracks content.
  • Recycle bin enhanced - singular items, restore, clear function.
  • Help system updated with new articles.
  • Few small bugs were fixed.

Absolute StartUp 1.3 - official release.

  • Beta testing period expired:
  • Bugs were fixed:
  • Help system broken links were removed.
  • Monitor button language bug fixed.
  • Save bug was fixed.
  • New features were implemented:
  • Enable/disable program in menu added.
  • Drag&drop into any section.
  • Any file in startup folders can be used.

Absolute StartUp 1.2 - official release.

  • Windows XP monitor bugs were fixed: start at time, start after program.
  • Drag&Drop bug was fixed.
  • German translation was included.

Absolute StartUp 1.1 - official release.

A number of bugs was fixed - thanks to great customer's beta testing interest to Absolute StartUp.
Price become $24.95.
Monitor features were added:
  • registry and startup folder tracing,
  • one item starts per event,
  • tracing internet connection and disconnection.

Absolute StartUp 1.0 - public beta.

Available on F-Group site.

Absolute StartUp 0.9 - alfa version.

For internal testing.
Redesign user interface with system environment.

Absolute StartUp 0.9 - alfa version.

For internal testing.

Absolute StartUp 0.1 - alfa version.

For internal testing.

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