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Latest news

21 Feb 2007

Absolute StartUp manager 6.0 compatible with Windows Vista!

We are proud to announce that our development team has released Absolute StartUp manager 6.0!
Main changes:
  • Interface improved - new Vista icons design.
  • New algorithm to optimize startup configuration has been implemented.
  • Windows Vista compatibility!
  • The database update upto 17000 items.
  • Toolbar redesigned
  • Send startup configuration procedure improved
  • System tray icon added.
  • Language files updated.
Visit our site, download new version!

31 Mar 2006

Startup database online

We are pleased to inform you that our database of startup programs are available only now.
Now you can visit our site and search for any startup program online or from the startup programs list

27 Dec 2005

Tray Safe has been acquired by Arovax LLC

We are pleased to inform you that our project Tray Safe was bought by Arovax LLC. By the terms of the agreement, Arovax LLC acquires the Tray Safe product, the website and will continue to support existing Tray Safe users. Arovax LLC does not plan to change the pricing policy; we expect the company to stimulate development of the project, thus giving TraySafe users a more functional personal password manager.

F-Group Software will focus its efforts on its other projects:
Absolute StartUp manager - a multifunctional StartUp manager for Windows
Taxi Dispatcher - a taxi business management system.

Additionally, F-Group software is anticipating an early 2006 release of two new end-user applications for Windows.

Tray Safe password manager - Tray Safe password mana ger that allows you to forgot passwords! It will save and protect them for you-encryption and hashing algorithms,autoinsert and autofill,hardware ID,USB drive support.
You can forgot passwords and you will not lose them!

Please, update the latest build from

19 Dec 2005

Absolute StartUp goes to Italy

Now we have a partner in Italy. So, you can navigate through Italian version of and download Italian version of Absolute StartUp.

21 Oct 2005

Absolute Startup 5.1 released - our customer's wishes implemented!

Now Absolute Startup released with 5.1 version!

Download latest build:

or language file from:

28 May 2005

Polish transalation for Absolute Startup 5.0

Now Absolute Startup has Polish translation by Janusz Grzybek ( janusz@g...)

Download latest build:

or language file from:

6 Apr 2005

Absolute StartUp released.

New version Absolute StartUp has been released today.
Some minor bug fixed, dangerous programs database updated to 7543 programs.

27 Feb 2005

Absolute StartUp 5.0 released.

New version Absolute StartUp has been released today.
  • The list of Internet Explorer BHOs, toolbars, dlls and menu extensions added.
  • The database update upto 7000 items.
  • Interface improved.
  • The license has been changed for new customers.
  • Bugs fixed.

23 Jan 2005

Absolute StartUp manager review

We have added reviews, awards and testimonials of Absolute StartUp manager.
All of them are accessible at

4 Dec 2004

Christmas discounts!

Christmas discounts!
We offer 2 type of discounts for our software:

* 20% off for any of F-Group Software products (personal licenses).
To get this discount you need to specify coupon "Christmas" on purchase.
Browse our software and select present for you:
* Free CD with all F-Group programs for each site license for products:
- Absolute StartUp manager
- Tray Safe password manager

* Free T-shirt from for every site license!
Site licenses available for products:
- Absolute StartUp manager
- Tray Safe password manager

Ask your company to purchase site license and select free T-shirt for you!

15 Oct 2004

Absolute StartUp 4.2 released

Absolute StartUp 4.2 released with changes:
  • Programs sequence added.
  • StartUp monitor improved with "allow" and "forbid" button for new startup items.
  • Installer updated and improved.
  • Program database reviewed.
  • Bugs fixed.

1 Oct 2004

Absolute StartUp manager on CDs!

Absolute StartUp on CDs!

Now you can order Absolute StartUp on CD!
To get CD with other programs of F-Group Software, just select the "CD on demand" checkbox in registration form.

3 Sep 2004

Absolute StartUp released

Absolute StartUp released!

New version released. In new version 4115 programs in database!

14 apr 2004

Absolute StartUp 4.1 press release

Absolute StartUp 4.1 press release!

You can review the press release for Absolute StartUp 4.1 in press center

14 Mar 2004

Absolute StartUp manager 4.1 released

Absolute StartUp 4.1 released.

In new version:
  • Show hidden files in startup folders option added.
  • Main table view redesigned.
  • Information about program extracted and displayed.
  • Online database added.
  • New format for program database designed.
  • Improvements added to optimize startup automatically more precisely.
  • Bugs fixed.
Visit download page to download the latest version of Absolute StartUp.

9 Dec 2003

Chrismas sale

Christmas sale!

F-Group announced Chrismas sale - discounts for F-Group products:
  • Christmas "Gift for friend" discount.
  • Christmas "Absolute StartUp personal" 20% discount
  • Christmas "Gift for office" 25% discount
More at registration page.

9 Dec 2003

25% discount for all our products for F-Group registered users!

25% discount on our products for our registered users!

If you are registered user one from our products: Absolute StartUp, Internet Image Browser, IEManager, MClipboard, Tray Safe you can order next of these products with 25% discount for personal license. Information about discount you will find in registration letter from any of products above.

More at registration page.

9 Dec 2003

Absolute Startup manager 4.0 released opened for new Absolute StartUp 4.0

New version Absolute Startup 4.0 released.
All features for startup manager are implemented - try it!

  • site opened.
  • Viruses and spyware decetor.
  • Service and system library lists added.
  • Update program database from web added.
  • Get info about program from Internet function added.
  • Freeze startup configuration added.
  • Create link at desctop function added.
  • Publish list of startup program into html list.
  • Popupmenu in the added.
  • Clear all, clear section function added.
  • Warning - "File not exists" added.
  • Description of startup registry items added.
  • Added flag "hide start" for all scheduled programs.
  • Added displaying of new programs in list.
  • Edition config.nt, autoexec.nt, winstart.bat added.
  • Interface improved for newbies.
  • Help system improved for newbies.
  • Small bugs fixed.
To find more visit Absolute StartUp home page or download it now.

9 Dec 2003

Forum about F-Group programs and services opened

Discussion forums opened.

At these forums our users can discuss our programs and services.
To find more visit discussion home.

15 Oct 2003

Partnership program from F-Group Software annouced

Partnership program from F-Group announced.
We offer partnership program for other shareware developers and teams.

To find more visit Partnership program page or contact with support team.

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