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Absolute StartUp 5.1
Press: Software helps PC users take complete control of their computer startup options and create startup progrmas' sequence.
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Hi.Just wanted to thank you.I freshly installed my laptop,a million programs,a million updates,and everything else i needed.Everything ran fine until i plugged my KORG midi keyboard in (last thing i done,typical),then i got weird startup messages after that.I was ready to chuck my laptop out of the window rather than reinstall,but everything works fine again after using your absolute startup program (free as well),so thanks,it saved my laptops life!


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November , 2005

Absolute StartUp manager 5.1
Why load rubbish?

For Immediate Release

F-Group Software Releases Absolute Startup 5.1

Absolute StartUp optimizes what Windows loads during boot-up. Absolute StartUp manages all registry startup sections as well as startup folders and services. More importantly, it lets administrators control the startup lists of other users of the PC! It allows editing the startup configurations of other users -- and you won't need their passwords and logins to do so. (Provided you have administrative rights for the machine.)

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April, 2003 Absolute StartUp manager 2.1 optimizes your autostart along with your PC life!

December, 2004 Absolute StartUp manager 4.2: The software helps PC users to automatically disable autoloading unnecessary programs using our online database, enable loading those programs that are needed, define the launching order and protect PCs from malicious software.


Absolute Startup v 4.2

Software review by George Hawkins

Absolute Startup v 4.2 is a utility program that helps you manage and control the programs that start automatically when Windows starts. Some of the programs you use have features that you will never use. These, and other unneeded programs that start automatically, take up valuable startup time and resources on your computer that is better utilized by other programs.

This is my first experience with a startup manager utility, so I can't make direct comparisons with other similar programs. To this point, I have managed my Windows startup by using msconfig (msconfig.exe), a utility included with Windows, and editing the registry (regedit.exe) and win.ini files. This method, although effective, requires that you really know what you are doing to avoid disabling some programs and services that may be necessary for your computer to function properly.

The big advantage to Absolute Startup is that it is much more informative and user friendly and somewhat safer than the methods I have been using.

Absolute Startup is a shareware program available with a 21 day trial period ( The trial version is full featured - with only a few functions blocked or limited - to give the user a good feel for the program capabilities.

At first documentation included with the program seemed a little sparse. (It didn't have a book or manual). However the program help system, does a good job familiarizing the user with the general program features. If there is something not understood, or you need more detailed information, there is online help, forum, or contact with the support team for further assistance.

I thought one of the unique features of this program was a dangerous program database. This is used to alert the user of any potentially dangerous programs - viruses, spyware, etc. The user has the option of disabling or deleting any of these detected programs. (This, however, is not a virus or spyware detection and elimination program). Updates to this database can be downloaded from the Internet and edited by the user to add or delete their own program choices.

There are some "safety net" features included in this program. It has it's own recycle bin, so if an item were deleted and later found needed it could be restored. It also has a backup feature enabling the user to make a backup of the current configuration and later restore the system to that configuration.

There are a number of other features too numerous to mention here that may be of interest to some users. These can be examined with a trial copy, or by purchasing a copy for $29.95, with a 30 day money back guarantee.

I would recommend that you give this utility a try, unless you are absolutely certain that this type of program would not be useful in helping you manage your computer.

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