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Quick Windows startup optimization by Absolute StartUp manager

We collect information and support a database of startup programs descriptions to provide users with information on all startup programs. Absolute StartUp provides additional information and recommendations to assist users who want to add, change delete or delay startup programs.

Our mission: to make Absolute StartUp the ideal tool for startup configuration, giving the user a one-click way to optimize startup configuration.

Our tool: Absolute Startup manager - Windows startup optimization tool with an online database. Using description of programs, Absolute StartUp optimizes user's startup configuration at once!

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Online startup programs database

Startup programs categories:
  • Startup programs category - unknown program - unknown program.
    Recommendation: Search for more information about this program.

  • Startup programs category - not required or harmful - not required or harmful.
    Recommendation: Delete this program from startup.

  • Startup programs category - not required - can be disabled - not required - can be disabled.
    Recommendation: Disable or delete this program from startup.

  • Startup programs category - user's choice - user's choice.
    Recommendation: If not needed in background, delete or temporarily disable its startup configuration entry and start program manually if required.

  • Startup programs category - normal to run at start-up - normal to run at start-up.
    Recommendation: Don't delete this program from startup.
Type Caption Section File name Description
virus or spyware cddrv32 cddrv32.exe Added by a variant of the CRYPTER.C TROJAN!
Read more
user Hot CD Eject HKEY_LM\Run cdeject.exe
Read more
user Cool Desk cdesk.exe Cool Desk is a virtual desktops manager. "Ever you wished to have several screens on your computer? Cool Desk creates up to 9 virtual desktops and offers you to have different windows on each of them". Not required but may be of use to you
Read more
not required in startup bjcfd cdf.exe BroadJump Client Foundation. Broadband troubleshooting software installed by various companies. Not required and you can remove it via Add/Remove programs
Read more
not required in startup CDInterceptor cdi.exe CD indexer for measuring the speed of CD players
virus or spyware gi1728823447 HKEY_CU\RunOnce cdlib.exe
Read more
virus or spyware gi291029702 HKEY_CU\RunOnce cdlib.exe
Read more
virus or spyware gi681160639 HKEY_CU\RunOnce cdlib.exe
Read more
virus or spyware MS-Connect cdm.exe Adult content dialler - see here
Read more
user CD Organizer 4 StartUp menu\All users cdo.exe
Read more
virus or spyware SystemTra CDPlay.EXE Added by a variant of the LOVGATE WORM!
Read more
user XCP CD Proxy CDProxyServ.exe How to remove the Sony XPC DRM Rootkit
Read more
virus or spyware cdrom controller cdromcntrl.exe Added by the TROJ/BATTRY-A TROJAN!
Read more
virus or spyware cds cds.exe Added by the Backdoor.Spymon backdoor Trojan.
Read more
user CDSlow 2.1 HKEY_CU\Run cdslow.exe
Read more
not required in startup cd storage master cdstorager.exe CD_Storage_Master - a program designed to catalog CD information, boasts a number of handy features for organizing your collection.
Read more
not required in startup KeyStone Version Control HKEY_LM\Run cdtpUpdater.exe cdtpUpdater 1.00, KeyStone Learning Systems.
Read more
not required in startup CDTray CDTray.exe On HP PCs, this is the small CD icon next to the time
virus or spyware Update CDUpdater.exe Carpe Diem adult premium rate dialler related
user cadenza CdzSvc.exe Cadenza mNotes for Palm and Pocket PC enables users to access Lotus Notes on their mobile devices
Read more
user CeEKEY CeEKey.exe It is for Toshiba laptops and enables the use of some of the special Fn keyboard keys, such as speaker on/off, hybernate, powermanagement, etc. If not running, those keys do not function. But the utility may be manually started at any time from Start Menu/Toshiba/E-Key

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You can help us improve the quality of the database by submitting your current startup configuration to our database. You can read license for database of startup programs.

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