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F-Group Software is the author of Absolute StartUp manager.


Quick Windows startup optimization by Absolute StartUp manager

We collect information and support a database of startup programs descriptions to provide users with information on all startup programs. Absolute StartUp provides additional information and recommendations to assist users who want to add, change delete or delay startup programs.

Our mission: to make Absolute StartUp the ideal tool for startup configuration, giving the user a one-click way to optimize startup configuration.

Our tool: Absolute Startup manager - Windows startup optimization tool with an online database. Using description of programs, Absolute StartUp optimizes user's startup configuration at once!

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Online startup programs database

Startup programs categories:
  • Startup programs category - unknown program - unknown program.
    Recommendation: Search for more information about this program.

  • Startup programs category - not required or harmful - not required or harmful.
    Recommendation: Delete this program from startup.

  • Startup programs category - not required - can be disabled - not required - can be disabled.
    Recommendation: Disable or delete this program from startup.

  • Startup programs category - user's choice - user's choice.
    Recommendation: If not needed in background, delete or temporarily disable its startup configuration entry and start program manually if required.

  • Startup programs category - normal to run at start-up - normal to run at start-up.
    Recommendation: Don't delete this program from startup.
Type Caption Section File name Description
user S3apphk S3apphk.exe S3 graphics related?
unknown program S3Hotkey s3hotkey.exe S3 Video driver related.
user S3hotkey HKEY_LM\Run S3hotkey.exe S3 Graphics, Inc. S3Hotkey, S3 Graphics, Inc.. S3Hotkey
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user S3Mon S3Mon.exe S3DuoVue multi-monitor taskbar helper by S3 Graphics.
virus or spyware S3 Internal Chip s3serv.exe Added by the AGOBOT-DD WORM!
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not required in startup S3TRAY S3Tray.exe S3 display configuration taskbar utility for S3 chipset based graphics cards. Can be run from Start- Settings - Control Panel - Display
unknown program s3tray2 s3tray2.exe Same as the s3tray entry in this table?
user S3TRAY2 HKEY_LM\Run S3tray2.exe S3 Graphics Utilities 1.00.18-0214, S3 Graphics, Inc.. s3contrl
Read more
unknown program S3TRAYHP S3trayhp.exe S3 Video driver related.
virus or spyware My Search Bar Eq S4BAREQ.EXE MySearch bar parasite
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user S4F S4F.exe S4F internet filtering software
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virus or spyware s4helper s4helper.exe Searchcentrix hijacker
Read more
not required in startup Spellex Anywhere sa.exe Spellex-Anywhere - adds spell checking functionality to almost any Window program. Create a shortcut and run manually before it's to be used
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user StayAlive sa.exe StayAlive from TFI Technology. "This top-notch tool intercepts crashes when they happen, keeping your programs running so you can save your work."
Read more
virus or spyware sm sa_exe.exe Added by the OLFEB.A TROJAN! This infection allows spam to be sent through your computer.
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user SA Sa3.exe Logitech QuickCam driver.
not required in startup Sa3dsrv Sa3dsrv.exe 3D sound extension for Windows
required in startup Aureal A3D Interactive Audio sa3dsrv.exe For Aureal based 3D soundcards. A3D sound features won't work with this disabled
virus or spyware saap saap.exe 180Solutions/N-Case adware variant
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not required in startup Sabreserver SABSERV.EXE Airline reservation software from Sabre. Available via Start - Programs
virus or spyware sac sac.exe 180Solutions/N-Case adware variant
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You can help us improve the quality of the database by submitting your current startup configuration to our database. You can read license for database of startup programs.

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